Thursday, May 27, 2010

Writing winners, 5 to 7

1st Place
Title: "The Monkeys are Scared"

Author: Pete Christensen

One day there was a monkey named Naughty. One day Naughty went out of his house. He went deep into the jungle. When he was deep in the jungle then he had an idea. His idea was to have fun! While he was having fun, a big panther came out of the trees and pounced! But he missed Naughty! But Naughty didn’t notice because he was swinging away on a vine. Then the panther gave up.

Then Naughty went home. When he got home, he ate six bananas and took a nap. After his nap, he put coconuts all over himself and scared his mother. Then Naughty said, “I am the coconut monster! Ooooooo!” Then the mother ran out the door. Then Naughty laughed his head off!

Then Naughty went off to find his friends in the jungle. He said, “Guys let’s go have fun!” So they played Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose! The panther was watching them, licking his lips. He began to sneak up a tree. One of the monkeys noticed the panther and screamed! Why are you screaming? Look in the tree! Then they all screamed and ran away.

Then Naughty said, “Guys, I know what we can do! I did this to my mother and it works! We can put coconuts all over our selves.” So they found some coconuts and put the coconuts on. Then they got ready to challenge the panther. So they crept into the jungle and jumped out of the bushes and they shook their coconuts! The panther screamed and ran away. The monkeys laughed and ran around in circles because they were so happy! The panther was never seen again.

The End

2nd Place
Title: "We Us Mittens!"
Author: Grace Valaskovic

Us mittens
Us cozy
cozy mittens
For kids hands cozy
for grown-ups very warm
We help you make
so big and great!
It’s us mittens who get you warm
You don’t think of us mittens
Some people knit us great!
Some out of fleece
Of the people we all see
they look so cold
and we are so warm
all we need to do is
hop on over
slip on
slip on
We slip on your hands like fleece
You say “Uh
my mittens so warm!”
But we end the big nice party
on the last day of winter
So sad
So sad

3rd Place
Title: "The Bear and the Hare were fighting over a pear"
Author: Peter Louztenhiser

The Bear and the Hare
were fighting over a pear
But they didn't realize the pear was a Square

The Square was after the Bear
But not the Hare
The Hare was good
The Bear was bad

Here comes the hare’s dad
“Are you playing with Square or Bear?
Haven’t I told you
Lots of times
Not to play with Bear.
Play with Square!”

Bear thought Square and Hare
were playing mischief against Bear.
The next day Bear
Came to Hare and Square
For his birthday.
They gave him a cake.
Bear said “Don’t you dare!”
They chased him into a cave.
Hare and Square lived happily ever after
But not Bear.

Honorable Mention
Title: "Jazz"
Author: Kayla L. Bernard

Rat a Tap Tap
Says Jazz

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