Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Art Winners 5-7

1st place: Bennett M. Graff

2nd place: Julian Bellows Knight

3rd place: Cam Russell

Honorable Mention: Tara Guzman-Finn

Writing Winners 5-7

1st place:

The Girl’s Family Who Had a Mustach by Emily Oh

One day, a girl was at school when she was doing her homework. She didn’t sit in her chair, because it was too small. Her mom came to take her to afterschool. But something weird was happening. Her mom was growing a mustach. But whenever she said a word, her mustach grew longer. Some people came. They were so surprised, their eyes and mouths got really BIG and WIDE. Everybody in her family was growing a mustach! Even her own self! Even the house had a mustach! Even tough her dad was a man, he still had a mustach. They went to a restaurant. They ordered some salad. To their surprise, when they ate some cucumber, their mustachs disappeared!

2nd place:

by Claire Ganiban

One after noon katie long-wood was washing her hands after sculpting clay in art class some water ascaped from the the rim of the sink and it ozzed intill in reached her T-shirt and a cold breeze wrippled through her then she put back her smock and went back up stairs. She got her snack and went to the snack table she got out a rice crispy treat with fruit and took a bite it looked like rain bows and pot’s of gold but it tasted like good bad happy and sad.

That after noon katie went high up in a tree and read poems of all kinds until her mom said it was time for dinner.

3rd place:

Dingo Dilemma by Jenna Sage Howard Delman

At a rather hot and dry point in Australia at a place called the “outback” (A place that aborigines still lived a place where it takes a good long trip to Sydney Bay) lived a family of kangaroos who went by the name of the Kangoo family according to baby Kangoo. It was a hot day. As usual. Momma Kangoo was hopping around looking for food. As usual. Papa Kangoo was muttering to himself. As usual. Baby Kangoo was slumped around a willow tree. He sighed “Othing ever appens wound here.” Momma Kangoo stopped and turned to face her son. She also sighed “It’s the circle of life honey. If we do our part others will do their sna dmaybe they can make life more interesting for us.” Suddenly Papa Kangoo’s booming voice rang out which made the Kangoo family jump because Papa Kangoo never spoke during work. “Honey you really must teach our baby a proper speech of language. Someday our Kangaroo son will go on the yearly trip to Sydney Bay. He needs to make a good impression on the gals.” “Speaking of Sydney” said momma Kangoo “today and tomorrow your papa and I will be at Sydney Bay. We trust you can take care of yourself, okay?” Baby Kangoo replied, “O-ay.” “Remember the aborigines will help you if you need anything,” Mama called behind her as Papa dragged her along the – as Baby Kangoo said – “forever winding road to Sydney Bay.” “You go without me?” Baby Kangoo’s eyes filled to the brim with tears. “Now, now,” Mama Kangoo cooed. “We’ll be back soon.” And they were gone.

Baby Kangoo played with his paws for a moment and that’s when he realized, “I’m in charge. This place needs some changes. I need to get to work.” He used live birds for window curtains, wrote with paint “Baby Kangoo’s the best” on the roof, put the house on top of boulders, and stuck the garden flowers on the ceiling with glue. “Whew! That was work!” He sat down to rest. Ba bump, ba bump! He put his ear down to listen closer. It was growing louder. He looked up. Suddenly, the lookout’s horn blared. “DINGO ATTACK! ATTACK!” It echoed again and again. Ba bump ba bump! It now seemed very close. Baby kangoo said to himself “This is my chance to act brave. I can do it!” As the dingoes halted Baby Kangoo cleared his throat very professionally, puffed out his chest, took a rather big strut forward and fell Bonk on the ground. Getting up rather sheepishly, his cheeks very red, he said to the dingoes “Why do you hurt us for fun? We have never done anything to you.” “Why should we tell you?” they replied quite shakily. “There’s nothing to hold back.” Finally after a long pause a young girl dingo stepped forward. “Every since our great ancestors the dingis were alive people said we were too dangerous (because of our fangs) to be around others. Whenever, wherever anybody saw us, they would scream and run for cover. So, we decided to show we could be dangerous if we wanted to be.” “But” Baby Kangoo began but the baby dingo put her paw up. “I know it was an awful thing to do but we were to angry to notice.” Baby Kangoo replied “But all of that can change right now. It’s all up to your decisions. Do you want people hating you guys and hding from you guys because you’re vicious? Or you can have friends not foes and be loved and be able to love. To have everybody on your side instead of against you. It’s your choice not mine.” There was a long pause. Some mothers wiped their eyes because the speech was so beautiful. They finally after a few minutes answered…”YES! You have changed our lives kangaroo. And though we must flee now we shall always remember you.” Baby Kangoo was thrilled. “Good bye” he called excitedly. He saw his mommy and daddy coming around the bend. “Momma! Dada!” and rushed to embrace them. “Baby! Baby!” they cried and hugged him tightly and told him all they had done, seen and ate. They all laughed over the time when Papa Kangoo made a peanut sauce and jelly sandwich not a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “I’m sure nothing gave you trouble” Mama cooed. Baby Kangoo smiled. “Nothing at all.”


Honorable Mention:

Best Friends by Io Q Anderson

She is smaller

I am taller

She is older

I am younger

Art Winners 8-10

1st place: Alvan Rhoden

2nd place: Abigail Dickson

3rd place: Charlotte Russell

Honorable Mention: Amanda Poorvu

Writing Winners 8-10

1st place:

Jumpin’ Jalopy

By Schnitzel Barbequeue (with help from Kay Goodhart)

Chapter 1

Call me Schnitzel Barbequeue. This be my story, o’few things you should know, I live in the town o’Neon Yeller, with my best buddy Corn Dog. (no offense to him, but he ain’t the gleamiest tool in the cow barn.) (So to speak.) So here is me: walking down the walk when SUDDENLY I sees Corn Dog playing the banjo, singin’ “I’m a corn dog yes I is…” Huh? Yumpin’ Yalopy! Corn Dog, WHAT be ya doin’? Now this may not surprise most folks but at the last banjo bangup, Corn Dog officially got o-warded The Worst Banjo in the whole o’Neon Yeller. So WHY in the Jumpin’ Jalopy was he playin’ the banjo now? And that’s why I jaloy jumpued. Well Corn Doggie!

Chapter 2

Now this be serious beeswax, this be. Corn Dog NEVER be playin’ the banjo. What be I to do?

List o’things be to do:

1. Go home.

2. Grab trench coat and pipe.

3. Go to Corn Dog’s and spy for clues!

I knocked on the Dog’s front door, already preparing a speech for Mrs. Dog… The door opened… I looked at my toes (Mrs. Dog always looks at ya like ya got a bean hangin’ outta yer nose.) So I didn’t notice when Corn Dog hisself opened the door. “Hello Mrs. Dog. I’m here to inform ya that –.” Then I looked up.

Chapter 3

Corn Dog be right there in front of me! I blinked. He still be there. I blinked five times. He STILL be there. “Corn Dog! Now ya there but now ya there but now ya there but but but…” I spluttered. Corn Dog just said, “Huh?”

Chapter 4

It all clicked! “C’mon, Corn Dog. We have a Pickle butt ta kick!” “Huh?” Ohhh chezits. I had to explain this to a non-genius. “OK Corn Dog. Remember the pickle ya beat at pickle toss?” “Yeah. Schnickle Pickle. Enemy since foist grade.” “Well I just saw you down in the square playin’ the banjo.” “But -.” “I know. Come on.” “OK Schnitzel.”

Chapter 5

I dragged Corn Dog ta’ tha’ square where I dragged im inta’ a grocery store, found the spicy salsa beans, dropped ‘em on Corn Dog’s head, got ‘em off, dragged Corn Dog to the checkout, paid, left, ran ta’ th’ party shop, got two straws and two rubber bands, paid, left, quickly constructed two death bean guns, found Schnickle Pickle, alias Corn Dog, aimed and fired. KAPOW!!!

Wow! Two death beans right in the nose holes!

Chapter 6

So here’s what happened. Schnickle Pickle, alias Corn Dog dressed up as Corn Dog and played the banjo so bad to make his arch enemy be laughed outta town. Fortunately, WE got in the way. Well, Corn Doggie!

The End

P.S: Death beans don’t actually kill you (usually).

2nd place:

Sky’s Circle

By Julia Poorvu

The bright red sun

Melts into the horizon

Leaving the sky

Like a Colorful bouqueto f roses

Until night

Darkens the world

The moon

Is the night’s candle

Lighting the dark sky

With a gentle glow

Until dawn

Covers the ground

With a touch

Leaving a fingerprint of dew

On the grass


Peep out of their nest

And the rooster

Wakes the farmer

With a piercing call

The sun

Lightens the land

Once more

3rd place:

THE TROLL: The Never Heard Norse Myth

By Andrew de Souza

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Sigridr who lived in a grad castle in the East. Her father, the king, thought it was time for her to wed because he was dying and the kingdom needed a new king. So he sent messages throughout the land saying that his daughter was to wed. So, many suitors came from all over the land dreaming of capturing the princess’s heart. There were many handsome men but Sigridr decided that they should do something to prove they were worthy. Finally, after many hours of thinking, she said, “Whoever slays the horrific troll that lives in the mountains may marry me.” All the men got their weapons, and climbed the mountains, searching for Gremon, the troll.

One man, a very handsome man at that, was the brother of Gremon. Many years ago, Gremon was a man but was bestowed with a terrible curse by Loki, the God of mischief. He was then neglected by all and was exiled from his village. He ran to the mountains, where he was never seen again. His brother, Gremus, thought he would do something better than slay his own brother, and decided he should end the curse. So he made his way to Asgard, where the Gods lived. He made a deal with Odin, the Allfather, saying he would work for him if he lifted Gremon’s curse. Odin agreed, by making Gremus work for him for seven years. He lifted the curse, and Gremon, seeing that the curse had been lifted, went down to the castle and told the princess his story. The princess was amazed. She married him, and Gremon became king.

After Gremus finished his work for Odin, he went down to the castle to visit his brother. However, when everyone saw him, there were petrified. He went down to the stream and saw his reflection. Alas! The curse had been bestowed on him! For when the curse was lifted, it needed to find someone for the curse could not be ended, only lifted. Though Gremus didn’t mind, he just went to the Troll village, and he lived among them.

Trolls became the world’s most dangerous beings, and war began. Meanwhile, Gremon forged alliances with many other kingdoms and asked their kings if they would battle the trolls. King Ragnvaldr (meaning “wise ruler”), the wisest of the kings that came to discuss the war with Gremon, thought that Sigridr (now the Queen) was mad, letting her husband fight against his own brother. However, Gremon didn’t know about the little incident with his brother. He thought his brother was in Denmark, for that is where the two grew up. Ragnvaldr looked over at the Queen and then turned to King Gunnarr (meaning “War-warrior”), who only cared about fighting. Ragnvaldr finally said, “I will not call you a fool, Gremon. I will call you a Troll. That is what you were, and what you will always be. Gremus is the king. Not you. You attack your own brother, a thing only a Troll would do. Kill each other. What sorcerer betrayed the Gods of Asgard and lifted your filthy curse?”

Gremon stared wide-eyed at Ragnvaldr. He was terrified for he had no idea how his curse had been lifted. He looked at the Queen, his wife, in bewilderment. Though Sigridr had no idea either. Ragnvaldr decided he would not fight with someone who had betrayed the Gods and departed. However, the three kings that did not care about Ragnvaldr’s words and stayed at the castle were Kings Gunnarr, Bergthor (meaning “spirit of Thor”),and Eirikr (meaning “ever ruler”). They knew Gremus and what had happened to him. They told Gremon and explained to him how once a Troll is a Troll long enough, he (or she) will remain a Troll and forget about love, family and efforts. Gremus forgot that he was a man, and that is why he hadn’t stopped the war.

Gremon stared out the windowin anger. He decided that the war would go on. He gathered troops of the bravest warriors and headed toward the battlefield where the Trolls were waiting impatiently for them. Loki, who was furious at what his father (Odin) had done, came down to the battle and recognized Gremom. He dressed himself in armor and ran toward Gremon, hoping to make him a Troll once again. Gremon however, had been warned by Odin in his dreams what Loki would do. He then turned around, took his sword, and plunged it through Loki’s stomach. The God felt no pain, but knew he was defeated and swirled into ash, returning to Asgard. Sigridr left the castle looking for Gremus. She made her way into enemy camps, without weapons. She was taken to Gremus’s tent, and Gremus picked up his sword. He held it at her throat.

“Gremus! Please!” said Sigridr in fright. “You were man! Please remember!”

Suddenly Gremus felt almost…HUMAN. He took Sigridr and ran from the camps, taking her to the mountains, where they lived during the battle. Although Gremon was human now, he started to look more and more like a Troll, and Gremus just the opposite. Gremon could not be controlled, and soon he became mad. He caused mayhem all through the kingdom. Soon Gremus came down from the mountains with Sigridr and spotted his brother. Gremus knew that there was only one way to end this terror. He picked up his sword and slew his brother. The dead man turned into a dead Troll, and the live Troll turned into a live man.

A messenger came up behind Gremus carrying a letter.He handed it to Gremus,

and Gremus took it and soon saw it was a letter from his father.He read it, then crumbledit up, saying,”I am not a Troll.If that’s what you think I am,then so be it.”Gremus’s father was dead and gone.Loki had given up.Gremus stopped worrying about the curse


Gremus became king and married Sigridr.The trolls fled and destroyed their village.The kingdom wasn’t facing any major battles, and the people were no longer in fear.One day, while Gremus was out hunting with his friends,he noticed a boy Troll coming toward him.The guard noticed as well and raised his bow,but Gremus signaled it down.He went toward the boy and asked,”What is thy name?”

“Asbjorn*, sir,” the Troll replied quietly.

“Well, Asbjorn, do you wish to wage war on us again?” Gremus asked , smiling.

“Oh NO, sir! I was looking for water.”

Gremus took the boy to the stream where the boy drank.Then he let the boy go.

He watched the Troll run toward the West until he looked no more than a little speck in the air.On the way back to the castle , Gremus kept thinking one thing:GREMON.He knew the Troll was his brother in the next life.And he loved it.

*meaning “Divine Bear”


Honorable Mention:


By Margaret Shea

Lying still,

Used to be life,

A thing that shall speak no longer.

Lying still,

Used to be life,

To me,

The world will never grow brighter.


I feel,

No hand by my side,

No comforting touch,

No stilling hand,

On my shaking shoulder.

Is there anyone?

Anyone, who knows my sorrow?

The pain,

In seeing a loved one lost?

It doesn’t matter if you say

“Passed on” or “ In a better place”

Each phrase is just as painful and bitter

As Death.

When she dies,

A history dies.

Not only is it death of mankind,

It is death of

Knowledge,strength, history,

And determination.

Each death,

Each small tiny death,

A light goes out.

A piece of the world dies.


Try to pull me into a hug.

I refuse.

What do they know?

What do they know?

They don’t know my pain,

Or my sorrow.

My hands fumble

In my pockets,

I suddenly can not see,

From the blurring in my eyes.


The tears start coming

Like rain pouring down.

Each drop,

A reminder

Of what we have lost.

Art Winners 11-13

1st place: Katrina Lee

2nd place: Alexandra Dionne

3rd place: Eddy Schneeweiss

Honorable Mention: Claire Dickson

Writing Winners 11-13

1st place:


by Kira Riley

I peer through the greenish gloom

To find a fish in his watery room

His back reflects the mid-summer sun

His tail is thin, where lines do run.

He twitches at my head’s shape

A blackish thing on his rock cape

I step back to resume my day

Since he has no wish for me to stay.

2nd place:

Th3eus and the Min0taur

By Alexander Poorvu

Boy, how did I get dragged into this job? Thought The3eus as he walked on toward the Min0taur the fearsome monster with the head of a cyber bull and the body of a man, well hopefully that was where he was going. The year was 2459 AD. After he had sworn to kill the Min0taur he soon set off into the labyrinth, an impossible maze. He had been walking for three days now and was barely keeping up with the clue, the magical ball of string given to him by 1carus the son of the famous inventor Deada1us. He followed the twists and turns for hours until he could go no farther. He sat down against the wall and closed his eyes. When he opened them he knew he was in a dream. He was imagining a battle between the gods and thousands of Min0taurs. He saw the gods fight valiantly but he could tell that the sheer weight of numbers was going to over power them soon. He quickly searched for a weapon to help them and found an energy sword lying unused on the ground. He quickly picked it up and scanned the battle looking for somebody to help. He saw Ares, the god of war, surrounded by a pack of Min0taurs.He ran to help him and chopped off the head of the nearest Min0taur.As soon as he did all of the Min0taurs and gods disappeared, except for Ares. When The3eus looked around he saw that they were in a temple but not one of the new high-tech temples that he was used too, no, one of those old temples, from ancient Greece that you see in museums. “Uh, Hi how are you doing? Uh, I am The3eus and, uh, I am trying to kill the real Min0taur so if you could help me, uh, thanks.” Well that probably sounded really stupid thought The3eus.Then Ares completely surprised The3eus by saying, “Hey, as you might already know I’m Ares the one and only, you know the god of war and all that. Anyway, you just chose me to be your partner person thing! OK, now I will explain, my invisible spirit will be next to you and I will help you out by telling you stuff and, my specialty, fighting.” “Wait a second.” said The3eus “How will I fight the Min0taur? I don’t have a weapon.”
Well now you do,” said Ares as an energy sword appeared in The3seus’s hand. “Oh, and by the way,” continued Ares “There are lots of 1mps and tro11s and stuff that the clue is leading you too. So what I suggest, instead of fighting all of them, cut the clue and I will guide you through, and hopefully back.” After that The3eus found himself against the wall again in the labyrinth. Hey! The3eus wake up! Wait, Ares! Now what? Cut the clue! Weren’t you paying any attention? I’ll guide you. Am I hallucinating or are you really with me? Just trust me. So The3eus cut the clue. He felt like he had lost an arm and was helpless with out it. Then he heard Ares in his mind, OK, nice job, now keep on going and take a left to the next annoying tunnel. Do you really know where you are going? Sure I do. I know this place like the back of my invisible hand. That’s reassuring. Good. Now take three rights down the hallways of doom. Ha ha. The3seus and Ares wont on like that for a few hours until Ares thought We have arrived at happyville home of the cute and cuddly Min0taur! OK, let’s get this over with. The3seus realized the Min0taur was asleep once he turned the corner. Well this is going to make a great story. You stabbed the Min0taur in the back. I’ll go wake him up. Are you crazy!? Too late. The3eus saw the Min0taur jump to his feet with an earsplitting roar. Well you really outdid yourself this time. Well what are you waiting for? Are you going to kill him or what? With a sight The3eus drew his energy sword, just I time to see the Min0taur pick up a giant laser axe. Oh great, he is going to rip me to pieces. No your doing fine. I haven’t done anything yet. That’s the point. The3eus was going to think of something nasty to say Ares but he didn’t have time because the Min0taur charged him. The3eus had just enough time to dive out of the way. OK, let’s go. The3eus brought his sword up to defend the laser axe just in time. They parried for hours neither getting the upper hand until, This is getting boring. Suddenly a lightning bolt shot from The3eus’s sword and struck the Min0taur. The surprised Min0taur went flying through the ceiling. Well we won’t be seeing him for a while. Thanks for saving me. No problemo. Now we can finally see the sun through. Ares was right, the sun illuminated the whole labyrinth and there was a scream as the sun hit some poor vampire turning him into a pile of ashes on the floor. Whoops, next time you see him tell him I’m sorry. The3eus laughed and looked around for the first time. He suddenly realized the place was full of treasure. Well let’s get this back. In the blink of an eye The3eus found himself in his room with all of the treasure from the labyrinth. He realized he was exhausted and got into his bed. I will tell everybody about this tomorrow. Sure you will.

3rd Place:

Swish and Glide

By Anna-Astrid B. Oberbrunner


like a bird

over glittering ice,


like the scent of spice,

like a dancer

thin but strong

pushing gently

but so long,


she bows her head

and gorgeous is under-said


just watch her slide,

watch the skater

swish and glide.

Honorable Mention:

1 Inch Tall

By Brianna Lavelle

I hunch over my piece of paper sketching a drawing of some cans. It is rather annoying, frankly. I’m not that good a drawer unless it’s painting and I’m really tired right now. There is no eraser, and I keep on messing up. I look over to the cans and start wondering what is underneath them. How do the earthworms feel? What are they doing? What about the bugs? My eyes start to wander and I think I’m starting to day-where am I…………….

“BOOM! CRASH!” My eyes flutter open. I look at my surroundings. Giant ominous things of black, grey and yellow loom above me. I look the other way. A lot of huge figures are out in the distance. They are waving there arms around and their mouths are moving, like something bad is happening. But I can’t hear them. I look the other way. The ground seems to move underneath me and a huge yellow hand bends down and scoops up humongous rocks. There are crunching sounds as some drop down again. The huge yellow hand draws back and drops down the rocks. Then it comes back again, with a swaying motion. I watch this, fascinated. IT scoops up another huge handful of rocks. A rock on the edge sways a little. As the hand draws back it rocks, and suddenly the rock falls.

A huge thundering sound echoes through my ears. The rock rolls towards me. My brain freezes. The rocks is hurling toward me at highs speed. I am in its path. My eyes are focused only on the rock. Everything else is a blur. Oh my god.

The rock lunges toward me, faster, faster, FASTER. My feet are stuck. Panic runs through my body. I hear a hammer in the distance. I am petrified. My feet are stuck and the rock is coming.

Suddenly my feet are moving again. Blood rushes through my body. The rick is shooting toward me like a bullet. I look around and without knowing where I am going, I dive for cover.

I open my eyes which had been squeezed shut. I discover the place that saved me in under a huge cylinder. I can barely see the top, it’s so high. It is a musty yellow color. I see the gap I have dived in. It looks like a huge elephant tried to squeeze in here and the only thing that made it in was its tail. I look across the cylinder. There are mountains of brown spiky sand. I decide to go to the top of one.

By the time I get up the first hill I can’t feel my legs and I am exhausted. I sit down on top of the hill and pile the brown spiky sand on top of me. I feel like I am having a nice massage.

It seems I have been sitting here for hours when suddenly a dark shape covers the gap I dived into. I bolt up. A huge, slimy, disgusting, ugly looking bug is walking through the gap. I wanted company but not this kind!

I dart over the hill and run as fast as I can over to the wall of the cylinder. It is damp and sticky as if glue has just been on it. I cover myself in the brown spiky sand and try to make myself smaller than I already am.

I feel really safe. For a few minutes I sit against the wall trying to push the thought of the bug coming out of my mind. I suddenly see the red antennas of the bug coming over the hill. I feel like I need to throw up. As the bug draws nearer and nearer I stare up at the top of the cylinder and pray that the bug will go away. It doesn’t work. I see the eyes of the bug stare at me. They are haunting. Its white fangs seem ready to chomp me down. They gleam off the reflection of the cylinder.

A shiver runs through my body. I am petrified. This is the worst moment of my small life. The antennas start to come out and I feel like I am in a horror movie and the monster is opening its mouth to gobble me up. Expect this is worse. I am actually going to die. The antennas keep stretching out to my face as the bug’s red legs, covered in hair, move closer. I draw in a deep breath and thing of how to escape.

I can feel the wind that the antennas blow on my face. It has no nose but a bump on its face starts to twitch. The antennas are about to touch me. I have no idea if it has eyes or not but if it does it is definitely going hitting the right place. My neck. Its antennas are wet and slimy and it feels like someone is putting a needle on my neck.

Suddenly I duck out of the way and with supernatural strength that I have no idea where it is coming from I shriek and dash towards the door. I hear the pitter-patter of the bug’s feet behind me, but I don’t dare look back. I run to the grey cylinder and hide behind it. The paint is scraping off, and my hair gets stuck in it. I rip away, and stay close to the cylinder. I hear the bug close to me and I am afraid that the heavy pant of my breathing or the pounding of my heart will draw the bug closer. I turn my head and try to calm myself. Huuu-uuuh.

I turn my head and peek out from the cylinder. The bug is about three feet away. I look past it. There is the rock that had been rolling towards me. I get a crazy idea. IF I run to the rock and climb on top the bug won’t be able to get me! I close my eyes and take in a deep breath. I inch around the cylinder and look at the bug. It has its back turned to me. Or does it?

My head is pounding as I charge towards the bug. It whips around but I am too fast. I run past it. The bug seems dazed and confused but its tiny legs roll forward and it lets out a scream in rage. I run towards the rock and start putting my legs in all the holes. I put my arm up and haul my legs up. My legs are scratched and bleeding, but I pay no attention. I scramble up to the top of the rock. When I finally catch my breath I sit there, staring down at the bug.

Suddenly the bug’s antennas come into view. “Darn bug!” I scream. “Darn, darn, darn, darn bug!”

Surprisingly I am not scared. This bug’s brain is smaller than a cookie crumb. Why should I be scared? I look up to see a cylinder, towering above me. It is not that far up. I can make it. There is a bubbling feeling inside of me. With the most strength that I can find inside myself I pump my tiny legs and leap up to the cylinder. My feet scrape the sides but I push myself up.

I stare down at the bug. It is attempting to climb up the sides of the cylinder but it is failing. Then I realize that I am standing on a can! The can that I was sketching! “Ha, you dumb bug, you can’t get me know! And you thought you were smart!! Well you’re not, sorry about that. I wish your brain was smaller!”

The bug lets out a squeal. Suddenly with no warning I fling myself off the can. I am falling, falling, falling into space. My visions is blurred and there is blackness all around me. Then I realize that I am falling. I will fall splat on the ground and someone will squish me and I will never see my parents again. What a horrible life!

“Brianna? Brianna? It’s time to go.” I shake my head and look up. It is my counselor, telling me it’s time to go.

I get up and start walking, crushing the bug beneath me.