Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Writing Winners 5-7

1st place:

The Girl’s Family Who Had a Mustach by Emily Oh

One day, a girl was at school when she was doing her homework. She didn’t sit in her chair, because it was too small. Her mom came to take her to afterschool. But something weird was happening. Her mom was growing a mustach. But whenever she said a word, her mustach grew longer. Some people came. They were so surprised, their eyes and mouths got really BIG and WIDE. Everybody in her family was growing a mustach! Even her own self! Even the house had a mustach! Even tough her dad was a man, he still had a mustach. They went to a restaurant. They ordered some salad. To their surprise, when they ate some cucumber, their mustachs disappeared!

2nd place:

by Claire Ganiban

One after noon katie long-wood was washing her hands after sculpting clay in art class some water ascaped from the the rim of the sink and it ozzed intill in reached her T-shirt and a cold breeze wrippled through her then she put back her smock and went back up stairs. She got her snack and went to the snack table she got out a rice crispy treat with fruit and took a bite it looked like rain bows and pot’s of gold but it tasted like good bad happy and sad.

That after noon katie went high up in a tree and read poems of all kinds until her mom said it was time for dinner.

3rd place:

Dingo Dilemma by Jenna Sage Howard Delman

At a rather hot and dry point in Australia at a place called the “outback” (A place that aborigines still lived a place where it takes a good long trip to Sydney Bay) lived a family of kangaroos who went by the name of the Kangoo family according to baby Kangoo. It was a hot day. As usual. Momma Kangoo was hopping around looking for food. As usual. Papa Kangoo was muttering to himself. As usual. Baby Kangoo was slumped around a willow tree. He sighed “Othing ever appens wound here.” Momma Kangoo stopped and turned to face her son. She also sighed “It’s the circle of life honey. If we do our part others will do their sna dmaybe they can make life more interesting for us.” Suddenly Papa Kangoo’s booming voice rang out which made the Kangoo family jump because Papa Kangoo never spoke during work. “Honey you really must teach our baby a proper speech of language. Someday our Kangaroo son will go on the yearly trip to Sydney Bay. He needs to make a good impression on the gals.” “Speaking of Sydney” said momma Kangoo “today and tomorrow your papa and I will be at Sydney Bay. We trust you can take care of yourself, okay?” Baby Kangoo replied, “O-ay.” “Remember the aborigines will help you if you need anything,” Mama called behind her as Papa dragged her along the – as Baby Kangoo said – “forever winding road to Sydney Bay.” “You go without me?” Baby Kangoo’s eyes filled to the brim with tears. “Now, now,” Mama Kangoo cooed. “We’ll be back soon.” And they were gone.

Baby Kangoo played with his paws for a moment and that’s when he realized, “I’m in charge. This place needs some changes. I need to get to work.” He used live birds for window curtains, wrote with paint “Baby Kangoo’s the best” on the roof, put the house on top of boulders, and stuck the garden flowers on the ceiling with glue. “Whew! That was work!” He sat down to rest. Ba bump, ba bump! He put his ear down to listen closer. It was growing louder. He looked up. Suddenly, the lookout’s horn blared. “DINGO ATTACK! ATTACK!” It echoed again and again. Ba bump ba bump! It now seemed very close. Baby kangoo said to himself “This is my chance to act brave. I can do it!” As the dingoes halted Baby Kangoo cleared his throat very professionally, puffed out his chest, took a rather big strut forward and fell Bonk on the ground. Getting up rather sheepishly, his cheeks very red, he said to the dingoes “Why do you hurt us for fun? We have never done anything to you.” “Why should we tell you?” they replied quite shakily. “There’s nothing to hold back.” Finally after a long pause a young girl dingo stepped forward. “Every since our great ancestors the dingis were alive people said we were too dangerous (because of our fangs) to be around others. Whenever, wherever anybody saw us, they would scream and run for cover. So, we decided to show we could be dangerous if we wanted to be.” “But” Baby Kangoo began but the baby dingo put her paw up. “I know it was an awful thing to do but we were to angry to notice.” Baby Kangoo replied “But all of that can change right now. It’s all up to your decisions. Do you want people hating you guys and hding from you guys because you’re vicious? Or you can have friends not foes and be loved and be able to love. To have everybody on your side instead of against you. It’s your choice not mine.” There was a long pause. Some mothers wiped their eyes because the speech was so beautiful. They finally after a few minutes answered…”YES! You have changed our lives kangaroo. And though we must flee now we shall always remember you.” Baby Kangoo was thrilled. “Good bye” he called excitedly. He saw his mommy and daddy coming around the bend. “Momma! Dada!” and rushed to embrace them. “Baby! Baby!” they cried and hugged him tightly and told him all they had done, seen and ate. They all laughed over the time when Papa Kangoo made a peanut sauce and jelly sandwich not a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “I’m sure nothing gave you trouble” Mama cooed. Baby Kangoo smiled. “Nothing at all.”


Honorable Mention:

Best Friends by Io Q Anderson

She is smaller

I am taller

She is older

I am younger

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