Friday, May 20, 2011

Writing contest: 5 to 7 category

First place: "Compiss" - Nalani Jones

Once upon a time there was a girl named Super Girl who can fly. Whenever there is a problem - like when scary stuff happens to people - she saves the day and she fights whoever is the bad person. There is a monster who causes trouble for Super Girl's town. The monster is the bad girl of the whole city. She goes into every house scaring the people so she can steal the stuff she wants. The monster steals stuff because she doesn't have a store near her house.

One day, the monster was in Super Girl's house and she scared Super Girl's friend. The monster was going to scare Super GIrl too, but Super Girl can fly, so the monster couldn't get her. Then at the end of the fight, Super Girl punched the monster out the window. Then the monster got hurt, but just her legs. She had to go to the hospital. After leaving the hospital, the monster goes to Super Girl's house. The monster went upstairs to Super Girl's garden to steal her flowers. But Super Girl noticed - she thought it was the monster so she went and fought the monster. Then she got the flowers back and watered them and gave them sun to grow.

The End

About the author

Macy is five years old. She lives in Boston. Her favorite color is pink. She goes to school in Cambridge in Pre-K and wrote this story as a school assignment. When she grows up she wants to be a clown and fashion modeler and ballerina and news reporter so her dad can see on t.v.

Second place: "Super Girl Who Saves the Day" - Macy Rhie

Third place: poems by Calla Walsh

Honorable Mention: "Tiny Coffee Cup" - Baylor Diamond

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