Thursday, May 14, 2009

2009 Contest Winners!

It was fun, it was difficult, it's over: the judges have done their judging and the talliers have tallied their tallies and here are the results of the 2009 art and writing contests....

Art Contest

Ages 5 -7

1st place: Natalie Holton
2nd place: Tess Walsh
3rd place: Grace Broughton
Honorable mention: Benjamin Wong

Ages 8-10

1st place: Bennett Graff
2nd place: Abigail Dickson
3rd place: Valerie Dubinsky
Honorable mention: Gwyneth Bechunas

Ages 11-13

1st place: Claire Dickson
2nd place: Eleanor Holton

Writing Contest

Ages 5-7

1st place: Yasmine Aoua
2nd place: Tess Walsh
3rd place: Grace Broughton

Ages 8-10

1st place: Sophie Culpepper
2nd place: Tim Lee
3rd place: Coby Gray
Honorable mention: Magnus Aske

Ages 11-13

1st place: Margaret Shea
2nd place: Francis Corvino
3rd place: Chhoyang Cheshatsang
Honorable mention: Claire Dickson

As soon as we can, we will post the texts and hang the artwork in the store! Winners will receive a postcard in the mail shortly, and gift certificates can be picked up in store.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered!