Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Writing Winners 5-7

First place: “The Spooky Cat” by Yasmine Aoua ( age 7)

When my friend was young she had a cat. Her cat’s name was Furry. She was black with lots of fur, that’s why she called her cat Furry. Furry would always stay in the living room at night until one night Furry went into my friend Sasha’s room. That night Sasha could not sleep because there was too much light and too much noise. The light and the noise came from Furry. Furry was paying and her eyes were glowing in the dark. Sasha thought there was a monster in her room. Then Sasha started to scream as loud as she could. Sasha’s mom heard Sasha’s scream and went to see what happened. Sasha told her mom everything that happened and she said “It was Furry because last night I heard her go upstairs. Sasha’s mom said “I will get you a night light so you will not get scared and you will be able to sleep and you will know who is making the noise.” Then Sasha was happy and she was not scared of Furry anymore. That is the end of the spooky cat story.

Second place: “Pull Up, Pull Up” by Tess Walsh (age 6)

Pull up pull up

Pull them down

you should

wear them

upside down

or red or brown

Third place: “A Turtle” by Grace Broughton (age 6)

A turtle is green. A turtle is slow. If a turtle wants to go somewhere not far, it will still take a long time.

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